How to Prepare Basic Garam Masala at Home

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How to Prepare Basic Garam Masala at HomeGaram masala is one of the most essential item in an Indian kitchen .The dishes which demand garam masala are aplenty and the freshly powdered garam masala is the secret to the success of many recipes. The aroma of fresh cardamom, cloves and cinnamom  is distinct.

When I started cooking I used to purchase the packs from the market. I looked for ISI brand. Each brand taste different basically due to the addition of the base ingredients. Different parts in  India prepare garam masala with various base ingredients and quantities. Preferences of ingredients include  Coriander seeds, Black whole Pepper, Dry red chilly, bay leaf, etc.

Today I’m sharing the basic recipe of garam masala which lends great aroma and has received lots of appreciation from family and friends. The idea for this posts triggered when I went shopping for groceries with my new neighbor who is recently married . She was purchasing Garam masala powder.

When I enquired with her she mentioned that she did not know how to prepare garam masala powder at home. I suggested that if she had 15 minutes to spare in a month she can prepare fresh garam masala at home. She was inclined to learn the procedure. We purchased all the base ingredients .

After a cup of hot tea and snacks she prepared we began to make basic garam masala powder. I appreciated the enthusiasm she showed towards cooking even though she is a starter.

Basically it is a matter of convenience. For bachelors and busy working people they opt  for ready made packets. Making basic garam masala at home is easy and can be followed by bachelors too.

I preferably buy 10 gm packs as it will be easy. Measuring will not be required.

Ingredients :

Cardamom / Elaichi: 10 gm or 2 tbsn

Cloves / Grambu : 10 gm or 2 tbsn

Cinnamom / Patta: 10 gm or 4 sticks of 1 inch size

Fennel seeds / Soamp : 10 gm or 2 tbspn

Caraway seeds / Shahjeera: 5 gm or 1 tbsn

Star anise: 3 or 4 nos

Accessories: Dry Grinder(small jar), Fine mesh filter ,air tight container

Procedure for preparing Basic Garam masala at home:

How to Prepare Basic Garam Masala at HomeTo make homemade garam masala dispense all the ingredients into a heavy bottomed pan. Break the cinnamom sticks into finer pieces. Keep the flame in medium. Keep stirring to avoid burnt smell. When sufficiently hot put off the flame.You will get a roasted smell of the ingredients.  Let it cool. Powder all the ingredients in a dry grinder. The small jar is sufficient for powdering.

I like the home made garam masala powder to be slightly coarse. Therefore I do not remove the cardamom pods. If you want fine garam masala powder you can filter thru’ a wire mesh. Powder the coarse stuff once again. Transfer to an airtight container. Do not close the lid immediately. Keep a small gap .When the garam masala powder has reached normal temperature close the lid tightly.

This garam masala will last upto 3 months. You can powder homemade garam masala as per your usage at home. Powdering quantity for a month is ideal as the freshness of garam masala powder is retained.

Another option for using the left over cardamom pods are : you can add the cardamom pods in the tea leaf box or directly add 2-3 elaichi pod covers in the boiling tea. Great method for preparing elaichi tea.

You can prepare pickles, wine, various chutneys and sharpen your culinary skills.

Do you prepare garam masala powder differently. Include your comment to let all readers know.

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