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RAGI DOSARagi Dosa is a healthy breakfast option on holidays when you have time to serve your family hot crispy dosas. Ragi dosa is a wonderful evening meal too. Ragi or Finger Millet is high in dietary fibre, calcium and iron. Ragi is gluten free, easily digestible with an earthy, nutty flavor.  In South India during Summer season, Ragi is included in various dishes and is ideal during summer season.

Ragi dosa is an instant preparation with all ingredients easily available in the kitchen. Just give a try to this dish and I’m sure your attempt will be appreciated.

Ragi flour is available in packs at your nearby retail store. The dosa has a deep brown color and therefore the chutney you serve should be in contrast color red (red chilli chutney) or orange- tomato chutney.

Serves – 4


Ragi flour : 1 cup

Semolina / B.rava:1 cup

Maida: ½ cup

Rice flour / Wheat flour: ½ cup

Butter milk : 1.5 cup

Green chilly: 2 nos (finely chopped)

Onions: 1 medium size ( finely chopped) – optional

Coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons finely chopped

Curry leaves- 1 stem finely chopped

Cumin seeds ( Jeera) – 1 tsp

Ginger: 1 inch piece finely chopped

Salt : to taste

Water: as required to maintain batter consistency

Cooking Oil for dosa frying.

Procedure for RAGI DOSA:ragi dosas

  • Add all the ingredients except oil into a large bowl . The ragi dosa batter should be free flowing, no lumps and the consistency should be running as similar to thick buttermilk.
  • Place a dosa pan / tawa on the stove, when hot do the water test i.e sprinkle drops of water on the tawa, the water will sizzle on the pan with heat.
  • Maintain medium flame for proper cooking of ragi dosa.
  • Apply oil on the tawa. Pour the batter in a circle at the edges of the pan. Then gradually fill the centre by spreading the batter gently in the gaps.
  • After 2 -3 minutes turn the dosa for cooking on the other side.
  • Dosa is ready and can be served along with spicy chutney or podi of your choice.

Quick tips:

To evenly spread the oil on pan I cut the onion into half. I hold the tail portion / stem of the onion and dip the flat end in a cup containing oil. I apply the flat end of onion with oil on the pan for uniform spread of oil.

If the batter is catching on the tawa, the decrease the flame .I used ghee on the batter prior to setting of 1st side. You can sprinkle grated carrot and chopped onions after spreading the batter. My children enjoyed the crispy dosa with mint chutney or tomato chutney.


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summer coolant, healthy drinkRagi Java or Ragi malt is a popular drink in South India. Ragi java is a healthy drink especially during Summer. Ragi or Finger Millet contains high amount of calcium. Ragi has an average protein content of 9.8% with well balanced amoni acids, Phosphorus,  Vitamin A and Vitamin B .

In South India during Summer season,  Ragi Java is prepared daily in homes early in the morning. A glass of Ragi Java is taken and then they proceed for work or school. It is believed that the heat impact  / sunstroke and weakness is minimized by drinking Ragi malt.

There are various methods of preparing Ragi Malt. Easy to prepare and can be done by bachelors too. Ragi flour is available in packs at your nearby retail store.

summer coolant healthy drinkIt was a big ordeal in the earlier days for washing the ragi, spreading it on a thick cloth and drying in the sun for 2 – 3 days. Later on it was powdered in the mill and then the powder was sifted prior to use. The powder would be soaked and the husk would be disposed off ( deep maroon sediment). Currently you need to go to the provision store and pick your pack. Suggest you take a small pack if your family is small.

Serves – 4


Ragi flour : 4 table spoon

Butter milk : 2 glasses

Water: 4 to 5 cups

Salt : to taste

Procedure for RAGI JAVA:

  • Add 4 cups of water in a SS vessel and place it over flame.
  • Dissolve ragi powder in ½ cup of water, mix well to avoid lumps.
  • When the water boils, reduce flame and add ragi mix into boiling water.
  • Keep on stirring till the preparation becomes thick, Add salt to it.
  • Note: The mix will get burnt at the bottom of vessel if high flame is maintained.
  • Take off flame and leave it to cool.
  • Add butter milk and mix well.
  • Ragi Java is ready to drink. Serve into glasses and ensure they drink it.

Nourishing drink during hot summers. Consume ragi java and then plan a day out , you will not feel tired with the scorch heat.

If your kids dislike the salty taste you can follow this option of sweet Ragi Java:

Procedure for RAGI JAVA (Sweet variety) :

  • Add 4 cups of water in a SS vessel and place it over flame.
  • Dissolve ragi powder in ½ cup of water, mix well to avoid lumps.
  • When the water boils, reduce flame and add ragi mix into boiling water.
  • Add 2 cups of milk and 4 table spoons of sugar , maintain medium flame.
  • Keep on stirring till the preparation becomes semi thick
  • Note: The mix will get burnt at the bottom of vessel if high flame is maintained and not stirred continuously.
  • Take off flame and leave it to cool.
  • Refrigerate for 15 mins .(optional)
  • Ragi Java- sweet variety is ready to drink. Serve into glasses.

A surprise for your kids this summer.

You can add flavors to it by adding sliced mango, blended mango or any other fruit .

Quick tips:

For ease you can commonly make the malt and pour it into two containers. In one container add buttermilk and salt and in the other boiled milk and sugar. Your effort and time will be balanced.

In rural homes people have ragi java with ganji / kanji i.e water drained after rice is cooked in an open vessel and salt is added for taste.


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Sharjah milk shake - bananaHave you heard this recipe Sharjah Milk Shake. It is a refreshing drink during hot summers. Sharjah Milk Shake is hugely popular among kids and bachelors . Easy to make and you can include your signatory style by adding additional ingredients to suit the taste.

Basically Sharjah Milk Shake is a native cooling drink of the gulf. As Indians have migrated to and fro, they have also imbibed the eating habits of the places they visit. Probably the main reason for its huge popularity in Southern India.

Serves -4


Sharjah milk shakeRipe banana : 2 ( small yellow variety that is soft inside)

Milk: ½ litre (boiled, cooled and frozen)

Malt powder- Boost / Bournvita  : 4 spoons

Sugar  : 2 spoons ( Optional honey 2 tspns)

Cashew  / Soaked and peeled Almonds : 6 nos ( break into pieces)

Ice cubes: 8 nos (to maintain consistency)


  • Peel and slice banana into small slices.
  • Crush frozen milk into small pieces. Use a knife to cut the milk cubes.
  • In a mixer, add banana slices and crushed milk cubes.
  • Top it with Boost / Bournvita , sugar, cashew / almonds and ice cubes.
  • Hold the mixer lid tight and run the mixer for a few seconds initially to avoid the rattling sound of ice cubes. Safe for the mixer blades too.
  • After one or two runs (or inches as normally mentioned for a mixer) , blend the contents well to form a smooth paste.
  • Transfer quantity into serving glasses.

This is a nourishing health drink. Children who dislike banana or keep away from milk will ask for more. Moms better watch out…they may snatch your glass too.

You can keep it plain and avoid cashew / almonds. If there are family members who are having diabetes issue, serve them only a few spoons.



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ice cream sodaIce cream soda recipe is a relishing and quick to make drink at home. Ideal during summer times. You can include Ice cream soda for kids parties and regular gatherings too. Try out this recipe and I’m sure everyone is going to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Kids are gonna love Ice cream soda. It can be made instantly. Go ahead and have fun.

Serves -4


Coke / Cocacola : ½ litre bottle(chilled)

Ice cream :  150 gms ( any flavor)

Procedure for Ice Cream Soda:

  • Take 4 tall wide glasses.
  • Serve 2 ice cream scoops in each glass.
  • Now dispense cococola upto ¾ th level of the glass.
  • There will be a hissing noise as the Carbondioxide gets released with vapors.
  • The bubbly drink is great to have. Use a spoon to mix and drink or use a wide straw.
  • Watch out for spills to avoid sticky feeling. You can decorate with sliced lime or fruits and make it look attractive.

Hey…Didn’t I say this is an instant drink. Have fun this summer experimenting various recipes to keep you cool.

I tasted this in a kids party and enjoyed the taste . I got the recipe for all of you.